Weekly Newsletter: California Breaks Ground

January 08, 2015

Are you excited about tomorrow? I sure am.

When California’s Governor Brown breaks ground in Fresno, it will represent the most tangible step towards high-speed rail America has ever known. We’ve seen a lot of progress towards improving passenger rail over the last decade – but California’s project is in a category of its own.

Since the early 1960’s, thousands of Americans have struggled to bring high-speed rail to the United States. We’ve fought against a fierce highway lobby (there is a gas station, car dealer and asphalt company in pretty much every town) and tried to budge a stubborn auto-centric status quo. For years, we’ve known the only way to truly change the way America does transportation is to build something too great to be ignored.

And that brings us to California. California high-speed rail will dramatically cut travel times between two of America's most important cities – and dozens of major population centers along the way. It will generate billions of dollars in economic activity and connect families and friends. Most of all, it will provide the capacity of roads and airports at a fraction of the cost. Not only will the project save California tax-payers billions of dollars in capital costs, it will cut other significant expenses associated with sprawl and pollution.

Like in every other country with high-speed rail, these benefits won’t be ignored by other regions. In country after country, we’ve seen skeptical governments warm to high-speed rail as soon as it’s built. America will be no different – and that is a cause for celebration in the Midwest.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new era. With your help we’re in a position to bring about change once we see our political break. And with California breaking-ground, that major break is just around the corner.

All the best,

Julius Parod
Manager of Communications

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Upcoming Events:

January 6th [TOMORROW] – The Official High Speed Rail Groundbreaking Ceremony in Fresno, CA. (Invitation Only)

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March 21st - Annual Spring Meeting in Chicago, IL. Save the date; more details to follow.

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