Trucking industry seeking more Christmas presents

December 26, 2016

A quick guest blog from Fritz Plous:

Check out the op-ed in "The Hill" of December 23: Don’t double dip in drivers’ pockets to pay for roads

The truckers always hated tolls and delayed the Interstate bill of 1954 because it specified tolls as the revenue source for the new highways.  We ended up getting a motor-fuel tax instead, but because the gas tax has never covered the feds' full share of the cost of building and maintaining these highways Congress has bailed out the Interstates since 1960 with transfers from the General Fund (i.e., a subsidy).

Since 2008 alone highway subsidies from the General Fund have totaled $62 million.

Yet whenever transit or passenger trains need a subsidy the highway gangsters act is if trains are giant welfare queens while highways earn their own way.  That will happen only when they're converted to toll funding, which is why the truckers insist it must never happen.

Any informed rail advocate will be able to spot the whoppers in this little special pleading from a special interest.  I would point them out myself but I'm too busy wrapping presents.  Some of them are very expensive, but nothing like the present the U.S. taxpayer gives to the trucking industry every day.  When you're using the highways at less than cost, every day is Christmas.

Read the op-ed here: Don’t double dip in drivers’ pockets to pay for roads