Rural Vitality

Long drives are a part of daily life in the rural Midwest, whether for work, shopping or the occasional trip to the nearest city. The train’s unique ability to provide fast service to the heart of small towns makes it an increasingly valuable tool for rural families dealing with the rising price of gas.

Today, Midwestern residents can board Amtrak trains at more than 200 local stations. But faster trains and more convenient schedules are needed to make more of these trips possible. If scheduled properly, these trains can serve as long-distance commuter trains, giving residents greater flexibility in their job searches.

And adding direct connections to major airports will create an essential link to international markets for small towns. Amtrak's sleeper trains are the foundation of the rural network. Amtrak's Empire Builder offers an excellent example.

A DMU stops at Talavera de la Reina, a small town in Spain.
Galesburg, IL is a major station for Amtrak's western trains.