China's HSR Expansion Continues

May 12, 2017

China expands their high-speed rail so often that it's hardly news. Testing began on their first high-speed line to Inner Mongolia. This is the first of three high-speed lines that will serve cities in Inner Mongolia.

The trains are being tested at 170 mph on the initial section from Hohhot- Ulanquab, which is due to open in July. The remainder of the line from Ulanquab - Zhangjiakou will be commissioned next year.

Once construction of the line is complete journey times between Beijing - Hohhot, a 300 mile distance, will be cut from around nine hours to less than three hours. China is constructing what amounts to a high-speed line from Chicago - Detroit in just a few years. In fact this distance is comparable to many of the potential high-speed rail corridors in the Midwest. What China is accomplishing with regularity, would transform the way we travel in the Midwest.


Dylan Hayward
Program Manager

Last Week at MHSRA

Dylan Hayward took the train from Chicago to Galesburg, IL for an Amtrak Corridor meeting, consisting of leaders from along the Chicago - Quincy line. This group does a great job of promoting the existing service and the value it brings to their communities.

MHSRA Board Member Beth Coulson and her husband Bill were given a behind the scenes tour at a Brightline facility in Florida. See Beth at the controls of a new Siemens Charger locomotive.

Articles We Enjoyed

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“Great Lakes plans to build an 'entirely new' 420km orbital line running 60-140km from the centre of Chicago, fully grade-separated from other rail and road infrastructure, to move up to 110 passenger and freight trains a day through the Chicago region.”

Via Rail’s Fleet is Obsolete. Can’t We Do Better?
It is past time to replace Amtrak's fleet with a more modern design as well. The train itself directly impacts the customer experience, travel times and operating costs and is central to making passenger rail competitive.

HS2 Concept Trains on Show at Railtex
“Hitachi and Talgo are both showing concept trains for potential operation on Britain’s HS2 high-speed line, which is due to open between London and Birmingham in 2026.”

Fort Worth Takes Big Step Toward High-Speed Rail Link with Dallas
“Fort Worth and Dallas are in the process of preparing for a 30- to 40-mile high-speed rail line between the two cities called the DFW Core Express. A $15 million environmental impact study of the possible route is expected to be completed in 2018.”

Upcoming Events

Homewood Rail Fest

A day that rail enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy all things trains! We will have a table at the event and would appreciate the help of anyone in the area. Please contact if you're interested in volunteering.

When: May 20th, 9am - 3pm

Where: Homewood-Flossmoor Park District Auditorium, 2010 Chestnut, Homewood, IL

Breakfast with Amtrak President and CEO Wick Moorman

The City Club of Chicago is hosting a breakfast with Amtrak's new CEO. This should be a great opportunity to learn about the direction Wick Moorman is leading Amtrak.

See the event details and register here.