Action alert—Congress must be clear with Amtrak: More trains!

September 07, 2018

The future of Amtrak’s national network is still uncertain. Amtrak’s new leadership seems to be operating with the understanding that it must cut its way into cost-efficiency. Of course, we know these cuts will only result in a loss of riders and revenue, negating any savings.

Congress needs to tell Amtrak the opposite: we need more trains, and a stronger national network.

Committees are in conference this month, reconciling differences in language between House and Senate appropriations bills. Now is the time to send a message to your elected officials!

There is both an immediate need to support language that will ensure the Southwest Chief continues to run, and a longer-term need to give Amtrak the funding it needs to buy new train equipment and add service.

This all starts with Congress sending a clear message to Amtrak, written in the language of dollars and cents: run more trains, not fewer.

We’ve made it easy to share this message with your elected officials. Please send a message now!