High-Speed Rail Study Tour of Italy

November 03, 2018 to November 11, 2018
(All day)

The best way to see how fast, frequent, and dependable trains transform communities is to ride them and see the cities they serve.

Hopefully, you can join us in Rome on November 3rd to see how Italy has implemented the Phased Network Approach: building segments of high-speed line that benefit many communities at once.

You will ride high-speed trains of two competing companies, visit great stations and learn about local transit systems.  An optional add-on to Bari on the Adriatic coast may include a visit to a construction site. Here are some highlights:

  • A ride on Europe’s first high-speed line
  • Tours of new and rehabbed stations, including the beautiful Turino Puerta Susa
  • Rides on HST’s operated by both TrenItalia and Italo
  • A tour of a modern light rail line
  • Presentations by local transit operators and the railroads

And, of course, we'll visit the Baths of Caracalla (which inspired Chicago Union Station), the Pantheon, the Colosseum and other key sights.

November seems to be a long way away, but is just around the corner when planning a trip like this. Please call the International Society of Railway Travelers at 800-478-4881 if you are interested in joining us.  This is the seventh trip that IRT has managed for us.  The others were great, and this one will be too.

Feel free to call the office at 773-334-6758 with any general questions.

Click here to read the Itinerary

Pages 16 - 38 of this presentation overview the stations we will be visiting.