Tell Indianapolis: Keep the Hoosier State Running!

Governor Holcomb has proposed killing the Chicago-Indianapolis Hoosier State train. If no further action is taken, it will stop running on June 30, 2019.

Please ask Governor Holcomb and your state representatives to invest in the train, not cut it!

Eliminating the Hoosier State would cut service from running 7 days a week to 3 days a week. It would be easier to grow the existing service than to start from scratch at likely a much higher cost.

The Chicago-Indianapolis rail corridor connects the two largest cities in the Midwest, stopping at Lafayette and Purdue University on the way. The state should aggressively invest in this route with a goal of at least five daily round trips and a trip time under three hours. The train would be a clear winner over driving I-65 and would become the first step in a statewide network centered on Indianapolis.

Fast trains are needed to compete for next-generation jobs and this-generation college students.

The State of Indiana should partner with Amtrak, CSX and NICTD to create and fund a plan to make the corridor shine. Instead, the Governor is throwing up his hands.

Please tell Indianapolis to fix the train, not cut it!

Sign the petition!

Below is a great video produced by the American Rail Club that highlights some of the main arguments for keeping the Hoosier State in service: