The Chicago-Fort Wayne-Columbus corridor will provide the citizens of Chicago, Northern Indiana, and Central Ohio with a high-quality passenger rail service that provides:
  • Safe, comfortable and reliable service using state of the art (110-130 mph) equipment;
  • Connectivity with 4,000 miles of regional rail system that will link 100 Midwest and Ohio cities;
  • Integration with the proposed MWRRI and Ohio Hub systems that are currently being built from Chicago to St. Louis, to Detroit, to Milwaukee and the Twin Cities, to Kansas City, adn to Iowa City and Omaha;
  • Access to major economic opportunities for both small and large businesses;
  • A modern rail system operated on a private franchise basis that will provide the latest train technology, modern stations and amenities, and a high level of on-board comfort.

As the world’s fifth largest economy, (at $2.6 trillion and approximately equal to France, only the U.S., Chinese, Japanese and German economies are larger) the Midwest possesses a diverse manufacturing, agricultural and business services base anchored by nine major metropolitan areas. High speed rail (HSR) will have a transformative impact that will unify the Midwest and solidify its future position as one of the world’s most powerful economic mega-regions.