Midwest High Speed Rail Association Calls for Serious U.S. Investment as China Opens World’s Longest High Speed Rail Line

CHICAGO (December 26, 2012)--Midwest High Speed Rail Association Executive Director Richard Harnish made the following statement on Wednesday as China opened the world’s longest high-speed rail line, covering the equivalent of New York to Key West, Florida:

“As China commits major resources toward pioneering the field of high-speed rail, the United States is falling perilously behind, and the American economy is paying the price.

“While our primary economic competitor in the world creates a high-speed rail system that will connect two of it’s largest cities, Beijing and Guangzhou, and will employ some 100,000 workers, the U.S. government remains stuck in gridlock, unwilling to spend the financial and political capital needed to move this critical piece of our economic future forward.

“It’s time for our elected leaders to commit to a serious investment in high speed rail in the 2013 budget, and get on a path to fully funding the Obama administration’s high-speed passenger rail program.”

The Midwest High Speed Rail Association is a Chicago-based non-profit organization advocating for fast, frequent and dependable trains linking the entire Midwest.

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