Making It Happen

Momentum in favor of high-speed rail is building. But the future of the project remains in peril. We need our leaders to take action at every level--from the local municipal elected leaders to the state legislatures and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Here are the Midwest High Speed Rail Association’s top policy priorities for realizing the dream of high-speed rail in our region:

  • Reauthorizing high-speed rail programs: This year, Congress will vote on whether to reauthorize Amtrak and federal high-speed rail programs. Some opponents in Washington are seeking changes that will make high-speed rail more difficult--just when we need to devote more resources to railroads.
  • Increasing federal appropriations: Congress has allocated no funding to high-speed rail since 2010. The initial investments are starting to pay off, but much more is needed.
  • Working toward state-level investment in high speed rail: While many Midwestern states are investing in modernizing their railroad infrastructure and laying groundwork for future high speed capability, states will need to dramatically step up their commitments.
  • Pushing for better plans: Several states and transit agencies are developing long-term route or facility plans in anticipation for future funding. We are working to ensure those plans are flexible and anticipate future needs.

It all starts at the local level, and we need your help.

Track reconstruction underway on the Chicago - St. Louis corridor in 2011.
Track reconstruction underway on the Chicago - St. Louis corridor in 2011.