Major Changes Coming to the Metra Electric

June 12, 2017

Metra recently proposed a revised schedule for the Metra Electric District (MED) that will change how the line is used and could be a sign of more changes in the future.

Voice your opinion about the following schedule changes to the MED

The Good

  • The new schedule will feature 20 minute headways between Hyde Park and downtown. This is a new type of service for Metra that goes beyond their traditional commuter-oriented schedule to reach a larger market. If successful, we believe it could be applied to other Metra routes.
  • Mainline stations between Hyde Park and Kensington see an increase from 2 hour headways to hourly.

The Bad

  • The improved headways on the mainline are achieved at the cost of service on the branch lines.
  • All weekend service on the Blue Island Branch is eliminated.
  • Saturday trains make all stops on the mainline, adding time to the schedule.
  • It does not correct the structural problems of the service. Fares remain too high for short distance trips and there is a lack of coordination with CTA & Pace buses.

Please tell Metra to improve service throughout the Metra Electric District!

The Metra Electric District was built as a rapid transit line with level boarding, electrified trains, dedicated tracks and closed stations. As a member of the Coalition for a Modern Metra Electric, we have been working for an improved Metra Electric that takes advantage of this asset by:

  • Running trains every 10-15 minutes on all the Metra Electric District lines;
  • Integrating fares and schedules across Metra, Pace and the CTA using the Ventra card with a transfer discount;
  • Extending Metra Electric service from the south suburbs/south side to O’Hare Airport via McCormick Place and Union Station.