Last chance to make CrossRail a regional priority

August 08, 2018

Six weeks ago, we asked you to write to the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) about making the Midwest High Speed Rail Association’s CrossRail Chicago proposal a priority in ON TO 2050, the next regional plan.

Since then, 400 of you have already contacted CMAP!

The deadline to submit comments is Tuesday, August 14. Our goal is to have at least 500 people contact CMAP about CrossRail. If you haven’t already sent a message, please do so now. We only need 100 more to hit our goal of 500. We’ve made it easy to take action, including a suggested message.

We will also hand-deliver copies of the messages that each and every one of you submit. Imagine the impact that a bundle of 500 letters will make when it lands on the desk of CMAP Executive Director Joe Szabo.

CrossRail Chicago is the Midwest High Speed Rail Association's vision to bring fast, frequent and reliable trains through Chicago and Cook County by upgrading existing tracks. It would link two existing rail lines to allow frequent commuter trains, including airport express trains. It would also be the heart of the Midwest's high-speed rail network.

CrossRail is a collection of individual projects, a good portion of which are already identified as regional priorities in the ON TO 2050 draft. Completing all of CrossRail’s projects would be worth much more than the sum of the parts. Because it demands collaboration across agencies and jurisdictions, CrossRail needs the leadership of a regional agency like CMAP.

Take action

Please join the 400 people who have already sent a message. Ask CMAP to make all of CrossRail Chicago a priority in ON TO 2050!

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