Join the Rally4Trains

June 14, 2017

The National Association of Railroad Passengers is launching a campaign to respond loudly to the Administration’s proposed budget, which would eliminate all funding for passenger trains. On June 23rd, the campaign will launch with rallies being held across the country.

See how you stand up for trains by either hosting or participating in a Rally4Trains!

Towns without trains have fewer jobs, less tourism, lower economic activity, lower real estate values, less healthy people, more traffic congestion, less mobility and fewer travel options. Eliminating funding for Amtrak would have a profound negative impact on every intercity, rapid transit and commuter rail passenger in the country. More than 220 communities across the country and over 40 million riders will lose their service.

Now is the time to make sure our voices are heard. Let Congress know that America needs investment in fast, frequent and dependable trains.


Dylan Hayward
Program Manager

Last Week at MHSRA

Our Executive Director Rick Harnish joined elected officials from along the Chicago-Columbus corridor for a progress report on the environmental study underway. It’s great to see so much support from communities along the route.

We also attended the second meeting of the Midwest Regional Rail Planning Study, led by the FRA. As a stakeholder, we see this study as a great opportunity to strengthen our region's vision and plan for faster, more frequent and dependable trains.

Metra recently proposed a revised schedule for the Metra Electric District (MED) that will change how the line is used and could be a sign of more changes in the future. Learn more about the proposal here.

Articles We Enjoyed

Want Jobs for the ‘Forgotten Man’? Finish High-Speed Rail
"The $20 billion Central Valley to Silicon Valley leg won’t carry commuters until 2029, give or take. But once it does, the forgotten part of California that coastal residents fly over or zip past en route to Yosemite will become connected to the rest of the state and gain their share of California’s bounty. That’s not a boondoggle. That’s fair."

Following Legislative Session It’s Full Speed Ahead for Texas Bullet Train

Union Station’s $1B Vision: Residential Towers Atop Historical Terminal
"Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Amtrak CEO Wick Moorman announced Thursday that Riverside Investment & Development will lead in the construction of a $1 billion project to rehab Union Station and redevelop some of the area around it."

Metra’s Plan to Decrease Electric Service Outside of Hyde Park Has Some Problems
“Metra has proposed sweeping schedule changes on the Electric District services that will increase service to one neighborhood, decrease service to other neighborhoods, and fully eliminate weekend service on the Blue Island branch.”

High-Speed Rail Rules Delayed Amid Trump Deregulatory Order
"The lack of regulations allowing high-speed rail in the U.S. creates uncertainty for the industry and potential future projects, according to industry experts. ‘The process is already moving. It just becomes a lot easier if it’s a definite,' Richard Harnish, executive director of the Midwest High Speed Rail Association told Bloomberg BNA."

Trump Budget Slashes Federal Aid for Rail, Long-Distance Amtrak Routes
"President Trump’s transportation budget slashes federal aid to the nation’s rail systems by cutting funding for long-distance Amtrak service and severely limiting money to help expand transit lines and build new ones."