Introducing our new site!

June 27, 2017

Break out the champagne! We're proud to unveil our new website and new logo.

The Midwest High Speed Rail Association is dedicated to bringing fast, frequent and reliable trains to our region. Our new site lays out:

You'll also find our blog, where we'll continue to let you know what we're up to, and share the latest passenger rail news from around the Midwest and the world.

What you see here is just the first step. Like a vast high-speed rail network, we're building our new website in phases. In the future, we'll have a section that breaks down the latest news and updates by state, so you can get involved with efforts near you. We'll also bring you stories about towns around the Midwest and how their businesses, universities and residents are ready to ride high-speed rail.

We hope you enjoy exploring the new site. We are sincerely thankful to our individual, foundation and corporate sponsors who helped make this site possible.

Who's that in the photo? It's Illinois Municipal League Executive Director Brad Cole, then mayor of Carbondale, getting ready to inaugurate the new Saluki service in 2006.

Last week at Midwest High Speed Rail Association

Executive Director Rick Harnish was interviewed by CBS 2 Chicago and Crain's about Mayor Emanuel's talks with Elon Musk to use Hyperloop new tunneling technology to connect O'Hare to downtown. Spoiler alert: We don't need futuristic, unproven technology, or miles of new tunnels, to create a fast rail link to O'Hare. We simply need to upgrade infrastructure we already have. With our CrossRail Chicago plan, we could have fast trains to O'Hare that come from downtown, McCormick Place, the South Side, the Northwest Side, Wisconsin, Indiana... practically anywhere on our existing railroad network.

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Articles we enjoyed

Amtrak names former Delta exec as new CEO. Mr. Anderson guided Delta through bankruptcy and made it one of the best airlines in the world by making customer service a priority. We're looking forward to working with him in his new role at Amtrak.

In this part of the Midwest, the problem isn't China. It's too many jobs. Did you know a small town in Indiana is the orthopedics capital of the world? The Washington Post writes about one of our favorite towns that's flush with jobs and really ready for high-speed rail: Warsaw, Indiana.

The future of U.S. train travel. Andy Kunz of the U.S. High Speed Rail Association debunks the usual anti-rail talking points from the Reason Foundation.