I want to take the train!

December 11, 2018

A message from Hannah Meinen, a member of our Young Professionals Board:

Simply put, I joined the Midwest High Speed Rail Association because I want to take the train more. It provides a platform for my vision of public transportation to be amplified.

I grew up in Indianapolis, where there is practically no form of travel other than a personal vehicle. I’ve lived in Spain, where their transportation locally, nationally and in the E.U. is the best I’ve ever seen.

Now, I live in Chicago, where the public transportation system is poised to build upon its status as one of the best in the country, if the right investments are made in its future. Midwest High Speed Rail Association is the best organization to advocate for these changes and bring convenient, affordable trains to the Midwest region and beyond.

As a member of the Association's Young Professionals Board, I often continue this conversation with my peers and find that many of them feel the same. Everyone wants to be able to take the train to work, to see family and friends, and to build on these connections through convenient travel.

Midwest High Speed Rail Association gets its strength from its supporters, which is why I would encourage anyone who cares about building stronger communities to join and make their voice heard.

Hannah Meinen
Member, Midwest High Speed Rail Association Young Professionals Board
Recruitment Specialist, American Red Cross of Greater Chicago and Northern Illinois
DePaul University, MPA 2019