Energy & Environment

Climate change is a real threat to Midwestern cities. Investment in high-speed rail is one way to mitigate the harmful effects of fossil fuel consumption on our environment and communities.

As more Midwesterners travel by high-speed rail, the positive impact on our environment will be undeniable.

High-speed trains consume nearly 10 times less fuel than cars and six times less than planes.

Building high-speed rail will dramatically reduce U.S. energy needs and over-reliance on oil, and drastically reduce harmful emissions.

A Midwestern high-speed rail network will support more walkable cities and will allow towns to cut energy consumption significantly.

The Midwest High Speed Rail Association’s research indicates that a Midwest high-speed rail network would:

  • Save an estimated 760 million gallons of gasoline per year;
  • Cut approximately 3.3 million tons of carbon emissions;
  • Operate, in part, on renewable energy sources.