Anderson Cooper 360 Report

January 29, 2013

Did you see the Anderson Cooper 360 report this weekend? On Friday night, CNN ran a segment, titled “High Speed Rail Boondoggle,” attacking the U.S. high-speed and inter-city rail program.

Cooper’s show “investigates” a federal rail investment in Vermont--but the story fails to mention that the project eliminated the need for the train to wastefully change directions in Massachusetts, and allowed for additional, much-needed improvements to make the train more efficient. 

At $53 million, the Vermont program was a low cost project that gave a lot of bang for the buck. But you wouldn’t know if by watching the unbalanced CNN report. 

Can you click here to send a note to Anderson Cooper and his producers demanding that future reports on this topic include the critical voices of high speed rail advocates and experts?

Cooper is planning to continue investigating high speed rail projects all over the country in the months to come. But we need him to make sure those reports present our high speed rail investments accurately and fairly. 

The truth is, the Vermont program was exactly the kind of infrastructure project President Obama’s federal stimulus package was meant to fund--projects that could be done quickly, create jobs, and have long-lasting value for our economy. 

We need to encourage our elected leaders to continue investing in upgrading our railroads--our economic future as a nation depends on it.  But it will be a lot harder to build public pressure and political will for increased federal investment in high speed rail if mainstream media outlets like CNN create a perception that high speed rail is just another wasteful federal pork program. 

Can you send a note to the producers of Anderson Cooper 360 today, and tell them we’re watching, and we expect them to portray the high speed rail program responsibly?

Let’s make sure the public is getting the whole truth on high speed rail--not just sensationalist “gotcha” reporting.