Get (or give) a HSR Mug (or poster)

September 05, 2019

Can you help grow our membership base quickly?

Why?  The FAST Act, which governs federal transportation policy, expires on September 30, 2020.  High-speed rail advocates from all around the country need to get involved to ensure that the replacement includes high-speed rail.

We will be rolling out a new campaign to to get people engaged in the FAST Act shortly.

But, here is a fun way that you can help us grow right now.

We have travel mugs, posters and other goodies to encourage donations and to help members spread the word.

Check out the gifts

You help in one of three ways:

1) Make a donation and use the gift to help spread the word

2) Make a donation and give the gift to a friend

3) Share the link with you friends and encourage them to make a donation

Thank you for being engaged with the High Speed Rail Association.  We believe that we’re near a paradigm shift in American transportation policy. Together, we’ll tip the scales toward high-speed trains.

Rick Harnish
Executive Director