Buffalo Central Station

December 15, 2016

Proposals for a new train station in Buffalo are being considered by a panel led by Buffalo’s Mayor Byron Brown.

One captivating proposal is to rehabilitate Buffalo’s Central Terminal and revitalize the surrounding neighborhood. This plan is exciting because it appeals to a broad range of constituents. It has the potential to bring together a diverse coalition capable of securing funding.

The master plan to rehabilitate Buffalo Central Station was put forward by Toronto developer Harry Stinson and is estimated to cost between $150 million to $200 million over five years.

This is a large-scale project that includes creating a 17-story office building and hotel connected to the station. The new concourse would feature event spaces, retail stores and restaurants. A transportation hub would include trains, buses, taxis and a shuttle service to downtown, the medical district and the airport.

A revitalized station provides the opportunity to rethink the use of the land around the station in order to revive the neighborhood. Transportation oriented development is key to the plan’s viability and a number of apartment complexes, row houses and a food market are included in the master plan.

The redevelopment of Buffalo Central Station would positively affect the surrounding neighborhood, creating a lasting tourist attraction and improving transportation options regionally and within the city.

Successful implementation of high-speed and intercity passenger rail will require building coalitions of diverse constituencies that will support components of the network. The revitalization of Buffalo Central terminal would be a valuable tool for building a larger base of support because it brings together people focused on historic preservation, civic pride and economic development in addition to advocates for faster, more frequent and more dependable trains.


Dylan Hayward
Program Manager

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